About Us

Mosaic Global is a fully integrated Organization providing End to End Solution. Our associated offices covering 200 delivery locations worldwide.

Why You Need Mosaic Global Logistics?

We Deliver more than expected. When you need to ship odd-sized items, local deliveries value added services, timely delivery and manage international supply chain issues, it can be difficult, time consuming and costly. Mosaic Global Logistics is the team of specialist.We design the entire process for our customers.

We provide efficient and Time bound services combined operation expertise and technology solution.We customize a supply chain management /freight forwarding and e-commerce strategy that will ensure a smooth delivery of your goods. Mosaic Global Logistics plan, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customers requirement.

We deliver right products in right quantities at right place and right time to the right customer. Our team guarantees that our customer receive priority services when they most need it more over we also provide best solution at economical cost. Our Mosaic Global Logistics Plus unit is specialist of express delivery wherein we deliver goods globally with minimum time frame.


Mosaic Global would be “ A Fully integrated Organization providing end to End Solution.

We at Mosaic Global Logistics, shall remain committed to provide quality international level service in order to enhance customer satisfaction. We shall continually improve our processes & services in response to customer feedback through our innovative efforts.

Vision and Misson

Our organisation will be an inspiring one and would one combing intelligence/ and value added services

Mission is to plan and co-ordiante all those activities necessary to achieve desired levels of delivered service and quality at lowest possible cost. Logistics must therefore be seen as the link between the supplier / buyer to end user. The scope of the logistics spans the organization from the managements of raw material though to the delivery of the final product.